BSEB Bihar 10th Result 2020 updates: Bihar board matric result declared, 80.59% pass

BSEB Bihar 10th Result 2020 updates: Bihar board matric result declared, 80.59% pass

BSEB Bihar 10th Result 2020

BSEB Bihar 10th Result 2020

Bihar Board BSEB 10th result in the latest update: The result of the matriculation examination released today by the Bihar School Examination Committee has been released. The result of the matriculation examination (BSEB 10th Result 2020) was released by the Education Minister of Bihar Krishnanandan Verma himself at 12:30 pm. Bihar board 10th result website has been released on and Apart from these websites, students can also check the results on third party websites and Students are advised to check the results on the official website or the third-party website given above, as many fake websites can publish fake results. The same happened on Saturday, a fake result was released on a fake website. As soon as the news of the result came, the students started seeing their results. He came to know about the reality in no time. Students are advised to rely on the results given on the official website and stay connected with NBT for every update related to the result.

Step 1: Students go to or
Step 2: Now click on the link of Bihar Board 10th Result given on the website.
Step 3: Submit your roll number and role code.
Step 4: Your result will appear on the screen.
Step 5: Now take a print out of it.

Even after the website crashes, you can see the result from this link…

At 01:30, a total of 80.59 percent of students got success in Bihar Board 10th Examination 2020. This year, there were a total of 14,94,071 students in the matriculation examination of which 729213 students and 7,64,858 students. In Bihar Board 10th exam this year, Himanshu Raj's father Subhash Singh has secured the first position in the state with a total of 481 marks (96.20%). This year, 41 students are placed in the top 10. There are 10 girls and 31 boys in the top 10. Only 3 out of 41 of the top 10 belong to Simultala and this time the topper Simultala factory has lagged behind.

01:25 In the top 10, 10 students get the same number. 10 students have 471 marks.

01:12 pm: This time the topper factory is made of rice bowl Rohtas. Eight of the top 10 41 are from the Rohtas district.

01:00 pm: This time's topper factory Simultala, only 3 out of 41 top 10 students of Simultala ...

12:57 PM: 41 students got in the top 10. There are 10 girls and 31 boys in the top 10.

12:54 PM: Himanshu Raj topped matriculation examination with 481 marks. He has scored 96.20 percent.

12:37 pm: Students can check the result of the Bihar Board 10th exam with the help of the direct link given below.

12:37 PM: The website has stopped working before the Bihar Board matriculation results.

12:20 pm: The wait for the result is over now, the matriculation result will be released in 10 minutes….

12:08 pm: Bihar board is going to be the first board in the country to release the 10th result. Earlier, Mizoram has released 10th class results.

11:53 pm: If a student scores 75 percent of the total (total) and fails in any one subject with a number less than 10 percent, he/she is declared a pass.

11:39 AM: This time due to coronavirus and lockdown, Bihar Board has done physical verification of 100 students of 10th standard through WhatsApp. The answer sheets of these 100 have also been re-evaluated. For this, students of the respective districts were brought to Patna. Apparently, toppers will be selected from these 100 students. It is now being said that this time, there will be more students in the Bihar Board Top 10 list. Many students may have equal marks. In such a situation, more than one student will be included in the list. Last time too, Bihar Board had 18 students in the top 10 of 10th standard. Top 1, 2, 3 had one student each.

11:30 am: Just wait an hour, Bihar board will release the result of matriculation examination an hour from now. Bihar Education Minister Krishna Nandan Verma will announce the result. There will be no press conference this time.

11:17 pm:

Top 10 List (2019)

Top 1 - Sawan Raj Bharti - 486 no.
Top 2 - Raunit Raj - 483 no.
Top 3 - Priyanshu Raj - 481 no.
Top 4 - Adarsh ​​Ranjan - 480 numbers
Top 4 - Aditya Roy - 480 numbers
Top 4 - Praveen Sharp - 480 numbers
Top 5 - Harsh Kumar - 479 no.
Top 5- Roshan Kumar - 479 Numbers
Top 6- Ankesh Kumar - 478 no.
Top 7- Abhinav Kumar - 477 no.
Top 7- Piyush Kumar - 477 Numbers
Top 8- Amit Kumar - 476 no.
Top 8- Aman - 476 no.
Top 9 - Chanchal Kumar - 475 no.
Top 9- Ram Kumar Singh - 475 no.
Top 10- Moe Saif Alam - 474 Numbers
Top 10- Mo Shakeel - 474 no.
Top 10- Roshan Kumar - 474 no.

10:52 am Last year, 16,35,070 students took the exam. Of these 808732 students and 826334 students were involved. Last year, 80.73 percent of the students gave the result of Bihar Board Class 10th. In which Savan Raj Bharti, a student of Simultala Residential School got the first position. Sawan Raj Bharti got 97.2 percentage points.

10:34 am This time the result can be more than 85 percent. The previous time was 80.73 percent. This time, students will get 20% additional choice questions in the result. This may increase the pass percentage of the result.

10:13 AM: Many websites are claiming that the result can be checked by sending an SMS. It is being said that to get the result of the Bihar Board by sending an SMS, students have to type BSEB10 -space- ROLL NUMBER and send it to 56263. Please state that this number is not related to the board. Bihar board said that this number is going viral but it is not our number.

9:39 am: Bihar Board has completed all the preparations to release the result, now just waiting for a few hours, then more than 15 lakh students will be able to check their results.

9:19 AM:

This time, toppers were interviewed through video calling.

As per the current procedure, after checking the copies, the toppers are called from all the 38 districts and checked again. After this, the verification of the toppers is also done through interviews. This interview is based on physical availability, but this time could not happen due to coronavirus, then interviewed via video calling.

8:54 am Last year, all the students were from Simultala residential school, except 2 students in the top 10 in class 10. Now it has to be seen whether Simultala Residential School is able to maintain its dominance like every year. Explain that Simultala Residential School is also known as Toppers Factory.

8:37 am: Bihar board 10th class exam was held from 17 to 24 February. Around 15 lakh students took the Bihar class 10th class examination. The process of evaluation of copies was postponed in view of the lockdown caused by coronavirus infection. The evaluation of the copies began again from May 6 and ended last week. Last year, the Bihar board 10th class pass percentage was 80.73%.

8:15 am: Now Intermediate students of the Bihar Board can apply to check their copies by June 03. The time for the online application to check previous answer books or check copies was from 08 May to 25 May. But it has been enhanced in the interest of students. This information was given by Anand Kishore, chairman of the Bihar School Examination Committee.

7:52 am: Bihar Board has adopted the policy of giving grace marks. If a student fails with 8% or less number or 4-4% in any subject and below in two subjects, he/she is promoted to the next class by giving grace number. On the other hand, if a student scores 75% of the total (total) and fails in any subject with less than 10% of the number, he/she has declared a pass.

7:25 AM

Why the result was delayed (BSEB 10th Result)
BSEB President Anand Kishore told the Navbharat Times that on March 24, the Bihar Board released the result of Inter. The board planned to release the matriculation results a few days later. But evaluation work was interrupted from 31 March due to the coronavirus epidemic and lockdown. The evaluation work resumed from 6 May. Keeping in view the social distinction, the Bihar Board got teachers to evaluate the answer books. By 6 May the assessment work had been completed 75 percent. After completing the remaining evaluation work, the board is now ready to release the results.

7:23 AM:

Bihar Board Matric Topper Award: Full details of the reward this time

Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) President Anand Kishore said that awards are given to the ranks 1 to 10 every year. This time too will be given. The details of the award are as follows…

Rank 1- 1 lakh rupees and a laptop
Rank 2- 75 thousand rupees and a laptop
Rank 3- 50 thousand rupees, a laptop, and e-book
Rank 4 to 10 - 10 thousand rupees and a laptop

7:03 am: Matriculation results will be released by Bihar Education Minister Krishna Nandan Verma himself. Bihar Board President Anand Kishore said that the press conference will not be held this year to announce the outcome of the coronavirus epidemic. The press release and other details related to the declaration of the examination will be sent by the Minister of Education.

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