Click to See Dharala Prabhu (Tamil) Movie Review

Click to See Dharala Prabhu (Tamil) Movie Review  

Click to See Dharala Prabhu (Tamil) Movie Review

'Dharalla Prabhu' is a film starring Harish Kalyan, Vivek, and Tanya Hope. The film is directed by Krishna Marimuthu and produced by Screen Scene Entertainment.

Football player Harish Kalyan is trying for a job at Sports Kota. He is then given the opportunity to become a sperm toner by doctor Vivek. The film's story is the result of Harish accepting the offer due to circumstances.

As a football player, Harish Kalyan has always been a kind of energy character. It has done better with Double Energy. Vivek may be the all-rounder of the film. To that extent comedy, emotion as scene by scene is scored by his dialogue delivery. Tanya Hope realizes the importance of her role and has done well.

Sachu, Anupama Kumar, and RJ Anandi have done their roles in the film with fewer characters. Food Ball starts out slowly as romantic scenes. The director has made the film without a chance. Yet the use of dual-meaning verses may have been avoided.

The film has dealt with the growing infantile problem of recent times. It is noteworthy that the scriptures mentioned therein raise awareness of its causes. Some of the songs were fast-paced to the film.

Bharath Shankar's background music has played a vital role in the emotional spectacle. Selvakumar Eskay attracts his elegant cinematographer.

The director has told the Tamil novel "Sperm Donation" with as many interesting twists as possible. Vivek's character creation, good or bad, has contributed to the film's sensationalism.

The second half was an unexpected turn. This liberal duke has recorded how business is structured around childbirth.

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