Click to see Kannamuchi Movie Review

Click to see Kannamuchi Movie Review

Click to see Kannamuchi Movie Review

Written by GR Aadithya and directed by Avinash Hariharan, Kannamoochi is Zee5's latest original Tamil mini-series. Kannamuchi is a five-episode series starring Poorna, Amjath Khan, Vivek Prasanna, Bose Venkat, and others with all episodes capping at a maximum of 30 minutes.

Priya (Poorna), a single mother, moves to a city in a new apartment with her five-year-old daughter Ishwari, who is also new to her. She certainly likes the ninth floor house, but during her first visit, she is given a creepy reception with a lift swinging into the sixth floor and its lights flickering horrifically. She befriends food delivery executive Santosh (Amjath Khan) with good intentions.

After that, Ishwarya is kidnapped and a terrible Priya is taking gruesome steps to find him. She lies on the help and satisfaction of her only friends, a newly-appointed household, but mostly undertakes this journey with the help of a girl (ghost?), Whom only Priya can see and hear. The story then gives way to major subplots involving pedophiles.

Kannamuchi's progress has been entirely handed over to many flash-back parts. In the broader scheme of things, some of these parts seem very unnecessary. Priya's dead husband to say to Ram. However, the crucifix of the story is woven into a flashback segment with Devaraj (Vivek Prasanna), his lost daughter Manju and Inspector Loudersamy (Bose Venkat). After getting a very lethargic response to the police, Priya takes it upon herself to trace the case. But unfortunately, his path through some very important leads is facilitated immensely by the facility. This, in turn, distracts the script and does not provide satisfactory payment.

The supernatural element takes Priya to the past — crime and flashbacks — and it almost looks like a reckless discovery in part because the current scenario is completely undiscovered, or so it seems. The premise of the series is something that can be played very well, but the kanmuchi is half cooked for the most part. But, some of the stretches are really well written and in particular, the fifth and final episode is an absolute pleasure to watch and experience. Proper credit must be given to cinematographer Prasanna S. Kumar and music composer Sundaramurthy for airing the entire episode and furthering the work of the writer and director.

Some scenes are staged to frighten the audience. Unfortunately, the execution of thrill / horror elements involves only dated methods and ends up falling flat. Also, by the end of this series, one can really say that some very interesting characters have been under-developed and want to see their psyche more explored. Nevertheless, the pedophile villain character's menacing approach is very well coined. Kudos for playing the role of actor Radhakrishnan. When there is a combination of calm and horror, it becomes a bit uncomfortable. And it works in favor of the final act.

Poorna presents a soulful performance as a sad mother, proving her ability to carry such a heavy character and play her with conviction. She is probably seen smiling in a handful of shots. She tolerates the pain on her face and does it exceptionally. She makes it real and leads the show on her own.

Although Kannamucci walks on a bumpy road, some motives appear in part in the writing department and are praiseworthy. When it actually translates to the screen, it works well. But when it does not, it surprises us.

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